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Orlando Corner Bath

Available in right-hand and left-hand. Model shown left-hand.

BORLANDOLH Orlando Bath LH  £200.00

BORLANDORH Orlando Bath RH  £200.00
BORLANDOPAN Orlando Bath Panel  £50.00

Bath complete with  Panel and Airspa Wellness System  £650.00

Laguna Corner Bath

Laguna 1200mm Bath Only  £350.00

Laguna 1200mm Panel  £73.00

Laguna 1350mm Bath Only  £350
Laguna 1350mm Panel  £80.00

1350 Bath complete with Airspa Wellness System & Panel  £880.00

Laguna 1450mm Bath Only  £380.00
Laguna 1450mm Panel  £90.00

Trojan Quebec Luxury Corner Bath

Size: 850 x 1500 Bath. Model pictured left-hand.

QBES010 Bath only (left hand model)  £290.00
QBES012 Bath only (Right hand model)  £290.00
QBES011 Bath Panel  £79.00
QBS003 Curved Glass Screen (screen not included)
Size: 1400 x 720mm  £190.00