AEG Satellite Clean® FFB53937ZM Standard Dishwasher - Stainless Steel - D Rated

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Product Overview
This AEG dishwasher will make washing up a thing of the past. With the SatelliteClean® spray arm, even your dirtiest dishes will come out sparkling every time. And you’ll never run out of space for all your knives and forks with the MaxiFlex® cutlery drawer. It’s flexible enough for you to move things around and get all the awkward bits like wooden spoons and spatulas in. And when the cycle’s finished, AirDry will open the door by 10cm to let out steam and help the dishes dry naturally. Nice and easy does it.

Key Features
14 place settings — Great for medium-sized households
SatelliteClean® — Spray arm gives an intense clean
MaxiFlex® Cutlery Drawer — Flexible space for utensils
AirDry — Opens the door by 10cm to quickly dry dishes
Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W59.8 x D62.2


Up to 3x better coverage without using extra water
Even closely stacked or larger dishes get thoroughly cleaned in the 6000 SatelliteClean® Dishwasher. The innovative spray arm provides up to 3x better spray coverage, guaranteeing corner-to-corner cleaning.

SatelliteClean®. Powerful dishwashing. Without using extra water
Even closely stacked or larger dishes receive deep cleaning with SatelliteClean®. The innovative spray arm guarantees corner-to-corner cleaning. With up to 3x better spray coverage providing stunning results across every surface.

Customisable space and convenient cleaning with MaxiFlex
The MaxiFlex drawer is engineered to accommodate cutlery and utensils of many sizes, whether large or awkwardly shaped. Flexible dividers and maximised depth mean each load is customisable. Essentially every item is seamlessly loaded and cleaned in one go.

Dedicated protection for your delicate glasses
Glasses are often the most delicate items in your dishwasher, which means they need special care. The upper basket in this dishwasher has soft rubber spikes to support and protect glasses. The SoftSpikes stabilise your glasses and mugs efficiently, preventing them from falling over and possibly breaking.

Removes more than 99,9999% of bacteria and viruses*
The ExtraHygiene function gives you maximum cleaning performance with hygienic care. With the ExtraHygiene function, the final rinse phase heats up to 69°C and keeps the temperature high for minimum 10 minutes to sanitize your dishes, removing more than 99,9999% of bacteria and viruses*.

Open the door to dry dishes
AirDry delivers up to 3x better drying performance when compared to closed-door systems. The door automatically opens at the end of the drying phase and air is circulated inside the machine. Dishes emerge perfectly dry. Every time.