Beko 60cm Built-In Oven with AeroPerfect™ - BBIF16100X

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Featuring our AeroPerfect™ technology, this 60cm Built-In Single Fan Oven uses a constant stream of airflow to minimises temperature fluctuations, delivering fast, even cooking results. The oven's door décor plastic, display cover, and inner display cover are made using recycled materials. By using recycled materials in the production of our ovens, we are taking small steps to reduce the product's embedded carbon footprint; without compromising quality and durability.

Height: 59.5cm  Width: 59.4cm  Depth: 56.7cm

AeroPerfect™ technology uses a constant stream of airflow in the oven to minimise temperature fluctuation for fast and even cooking every single time.

Our RecycledNet® oven features parts made from recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste into high performance, thermally resistant materials.

True Fan Cooking
Always achieve perfectly roasted meat and evenly baked desserts with True Fan Cooking. The heating element surrounding the fan offers uniform heat throughout the oven for perfect, quick and even cooking results.

We know cleaning your oven can be a chore. With SimplySteam™, your oven will do the hard work for you. Simply pour water into the tray and as the water evaporates, the steam softens burnt-on food and grease in your oven, making it easier to clean.

Removable Oven Door Glass
Cleaning your oven's door is easier than ever with the easy-to-remove inner glass door. Free of bolts, you can comfortably slide the glass door out to help you clean even those hard-to-reach spots.

Large 66L Oven Capacity
This large oven with 66 litre capacity is ideal for families. The large space is great for preparing large meals like roast dinners with ease.