Cascade Single Ended Bath 1800 x 800mm - 0TH

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Luxuriate and bathe in style with the generously proportioned Cascade Single Ended Bath 1800 x 800. With the bath’s ability to hold up to 270 litres of hot water at once, a deep and soothing Spa-like bathing experience is guaranteed every time.

A bath suitable for a large family-sized bathroom or a bigger standard bathroom, it provides plenty of leg room for all the family and is excellent for bathing two or more children at once. Adults, meanwhile, can light a couple of scented candles, pour in some foaming bath oil and simply lie back and relax in their own home-made sanctuary.

The Cascade Single Ended Bath 1800 x 800 has a pleasing curved shape and a decorative rim near the base of the bath. It comes pre-drilled with holes for a waste system kit. It’s a bath which will chime in with most contemporary bathroom styles around these days such as Spa-type and minimalist bathrooms, as well as a country cottage look.

Manufacturers Trojan Plastics are an English firm who are very much respected in the bathroom furniture design and production sector. They have a 40 year history to recommend them as well as an impressive customer base both here in the UK and in Europe. This particular bath comes with a 25 year guarantee on materials and craftsmanship.

Please note - This item does not include bath panels, bath taps or a bath waste (please see essential extras).

All of our baths are supplied without tap holes, they are normally drilled by the installer to suit your individual needs.
Product Features:
 25 year guarantee covering all manufacturing defects
 Length 1800mm
 Width 800mm
 Height 550mm
 Depth 395mm
 Thickness 4mm
 Water capacity approx 270 litres estimated up to the overflow
 Made in the UK from 100% sanitary grade Lucite cast acrylic
 Supplied with adjustable legs and fitting pack
 Single ended bath - both the taps and the waste are situated at one end of the bath, with the taps fitted above the waste area
 Trojan baths are manufactured & tested to meet and exceed the European & British Standard EN198/BS4305