Hotpoint Integrated Dishwasher HIC3B19CUK

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The Hotpoint HIC 3B19 C UK integrated dishwasher has a clever design and fits perfectly into your cabinets for a completely coordinated look. It features various programme settings, allowing you to choose the one that best suits the load of dishes you want to wash. When you've only got a small load, you can use the Rapid 30' cycle for a quick wash in just half an hour, perfect when you're tight on time. Save on your utility bills with the Half-Load function, which only uses the required amount of energy and water without compromising performance or results. With dedicated programmes, like Intensive Cycle, which is great for heavily soiled dishes with burnt-on food, this quiet dishwasher ensures your pots and pans are squeaky clean. The Delay Timer function allows you to set the wash time up to 24 hours later, meaning you never have to worry about making sure that everything is washed up before you go out. With enough capacity for up to 13 place settings, this dishwasher can wash large loads in one cycle and features an adjustable basket that lets you secure pans vertically to free up more space in the lower basket.

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