Hotpoint HIE2B19UK Fully Integrated 13 Place Dishwasher

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If you love the look of a sleek, modern kitchen as much as we do, the Hotpoint HIE 2B19 UK Integrated Dishwasher will keep your kitchen completely coordinated. When you're in a hurry, the 30-minute quick wash is ideal for washing a half load of lightly soiled dishes with no dried food residues the perfect solution for when you're short on time. With the Eco Cycle, you can trust Hotpoint to clean your crockery as effectively as a normal wash cycle, saving energy and water consumption. Achieve squeaky clean dishes by using the Intensive cycle that tackles heavily soiled crockery with burnt on food residues. There are 13 place settings available with this quiet dishwasher, including an adjustable upper basket, so there's always room to wash more of your pots and pans. Take a load off your mind and ditch the dishcloth; you can leave it to us to take care of your dishes.