MONTPELLIER MTDC8SDK 8 kg Condenser Tumble Dryer - Black

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Large 8kg capacity tumble dryer with condenser sensor drying technology and 15 programmes including sports and baby care.

LED Display

Sensor Dry

B Energy Rated


Montpellier MTDC8SDK 8kg Condenser Sensor Dry Tumble Dryer in Black

If you need a large capacity dryer, the new Montpellier MTDC8SDK 8kg Condenser Sensor Dry Tumble Dryer in black is the perfect solution.

General Specification

This appliance boasts a range of features that make it an excellent choice for busy households. First and foremost, its 8kg capacity is big enough to handle a significant amount of laundry, which means you can dry more clothes at once, saving time and energy. The large porthole means filling the drum is even easier.

Sensor Drying

Sensor drying technology is a great way to conserve energy. Instead of relying on a timer or guesswork to determine when your clothes are dry, the machine uses advanced sensors to detect the moisture levels in your clothes and adjust the drying time accordingly. This means that your clothes will be dried to perfection every time without using excess energy.

Condenser System

Another benefit of this tumble dryer is its condenser system, which eliminates the need for a vent hose. This makes it a great option for those who don’t have access to an external vent or for those who simply prefer not to have a hose running through their home. The condenser system collects the moisture from your clothes and stores it in a reservoir, which can be easily emptied after each use.

Drying Programmes

This model has 15 drying programmes which include: cotton, synthetics, wool, delicates, shirts, sports, timed dry, anti-crease, refresh, cupboard dry, extra dry, baby care, iron dry, mixed dry and quick dry.

Additional Features

Delay Start allows you to set the machine to start drying your clothes at a later time, between 1 and 23 hours ahead.

A handy drum light allows you to see clearly into the drum when adding and removing laundry.

A contemporary LED display and touch screen help you easily select your programme.

A filter full indicator ensures you can keep the filter emptied for optimum safety.

Energy Rating

The energy rating for this product is B.

Matching Model

This tumble dryer has a matching washing machine, the MWM814BLK.