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NATURAL HAMILTON OAK 4.1 x 600 x 40mm

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EGGER 3303 Worktop
Natural Hamilton Oak ST10
4.1 x 600 x 40mm (single postformed)

Matching upstands and splashbacks available.
Upstands are available from stock, allow 1 week for splashbacks.

ST10 Deepskin Rough
A highly authentic and realistic texture for solid wood and material reproductions.

Natural Hamilton Oak is a very authentic oak, on the one hand thanks to its striking dark inclusions and knots, on the other hand thanks to its classically natural colour. Its decor image is based on flooring, so that the furniture version also gives the impression of entire floor boards. This furniture design is already established in this decor, and is often combined with a clear white as a calming opposite. It is also predestined for large surfaces in interior design, as the striking elements do not repeat so often thanks to the XL format. The surface ST10 Deepskin Rough provides an authentic feel, but remains visually unobtrusive.